You can find out our various tools and quality work equipment in Machine Park. As Umut Geoteknik, we provide high-quality and maximum efficiency services with our equipment. We always use the right and high-quality equipment for every service.

4 Units Pile Loading Reaction Trussing / 8-12 Meters & 1000 Tonnes Capacity (2010-2015)

Terra Test 4000 Branded Dynamic Plate Loading Test Set (2016)

100 ton – 250 ton – 500 Tonnes (2 Units) Capacity Hydraulic Jack & Power Unit (2014)

D-500 Truck-Mounted Drilling Machine (2010)

RSt CHUM Cross Hole Logging Test Set (2018)

RST Marka Vibreting Wire ReadOut VW2106 (2016)

RST Branded Strain Gauge ReadOut SG350 (2014)

Apageo Branded Pressuremeter (2010)

Soil Introments Settlement Gauge (2015)

RST Branded Inclinometer (2017)

Piletest Branded Integrity (PIT) Tool (2012)

PASI Branded 24 Vessels Seismic – Resistive Tool & Georadar (2012)

Ford Ranger Branded Pick-Up (2010)

Plate Loading Test Set (2008)

Makita Branded Core Drill (2011)

Citroen Branded Pick-Up (2015)

Field CBR Test Set (2015)

Sand Cone Test Set(2010)

Blon Tensile Test Set (2014)

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